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Tips for Renting Office Space

Any business owner knows that office space is essential. As your business grows, you are bound to run out of room in your home’s basement, or you may start to require a professional atmosphere to meet with clients. Not to mention, studies have shown that you are much more productive in a dedicated workspace, rather than your home.

So, if you’re considering renting office space, you may be wondering – “Where do I start?”. Here are tips for renting an office space that all business owners need to consider.

  1. Make a List
    Think about your ideal office space. Of course, this can change throughout the process, but the faster you identify your needs, the faster you will be able to find a location perfect for your business. Consider details such as square footage, budget, lease term, and so-forth.
  2. Pick a Perfect Location
    The location of your office space is most likely the most important aspect to consider when renting. You need to ensure that you are accessible to clients and/or employees.
  3. Make Time to Take a Tour
    It is always recommended to take the time to tour an office space before you begin renting. Make time in your schedule to do that. Cut down on tedious back-and-forth scheduling by establishing a regular time slot when you are available to tour spaces.
  4. Think About Amenities You Want Nearby
    Along with choosing a location that is easily accessible, you will want your office space to be close to amenities. Your clients and team members will appreciate being close to restaurants and coffee shops.
  5. Consider What Your Office Space Rental Will Include
    Your office space should be more than just four walls and a desk. The amenities provided by the building should be taken in consideration. Will you have access to high-speed internet? Will you have a conference room to meet with your team? Will there be enough parking?

By renting your office space at Havens Wharf in Washington, NC, you will not only have access to many office amenities, including free internet in the common areas and access to a large conference room and break area, but you’ll also be close to many local restaurants and shops and be right on the waterfront. What’s better than that? Contact Havens Wharf today to set up a time to view your new office space.