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5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Office Space

If you’re a small business owner, you know it is both incredibly challenging and rewarding. You may also know that one important part of growing your business is having adequate and functional office space. While running your business from your basement may work for a short period of time, you’ll need a professional atmosphere to continue the growth. Here are 5 reasons your small business needs office space.


In order to be accessible to your customers and vendors, you’ll need a central location, and Washington, NC is the perfect place. Conveniently located only a short drive from Greenville, Washington not only gives you a great location, but beautiful waterfront views! With an accessible office space, you will be available to meet with clients at any time.

Professional Image

As a business owner, you know that the quality of work doesn’t depend on where you do it. However, to the public you look much more professional when you have a branded office space. For any business to succeed, customers need to trust you. There’s no doubt that a professional appearance can achieve this.

Room for Growth

Growing your small business from the comfort of your home may sound appealing, but it’s a daunting task. By making the leap into an official professional space, you will gain credibility and visibility, which will in turn generate new business. You will also have space for more employees.

Work-Life Balance

Your work shouldn’t overtake your home. Creating an office away from your home can offer you a healthy work-life balance. You may find it easier to “step away” from work because you are leaving a physical location of business and entering into family and home time.


It’s simple. If you have a business, you need access to business-level infrastructure. Small businesses thrive when they are as efficient as possible. If your home internet connection is slow or your phone line isn’t great, or you have to take time out of your work day to clean up your home office that may be shared with your spouse or kid’s toys, you’ll find that you get less done in a day. Give yourself the infrastructure you need!

Havens Wharf’s modern office spaces are the perfect fit for small business owners! With free internet available in the common areas and a professional conference space complete with a large TV and whiteboard, you’ll have everything you need to put your best face forward to clients. Common areas are also cleaned by professional staff weekly!

Make your businesses’ new home at Havens Wharf in Washington, NC! Give us a call today to learn more about our office amenities, availability and to schedule a tour.