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Perks of Boating During the Fall

Fall is in full swing here in Washington, NC. If you’re a seasonal boater, you may think of Labor Day as the official end of you days on the water. While summer is great for boating, we all know it, the fall season comes with its own wonderful boating perks. Trade the swimming and wakeboarding with cozy sweater and hot chocolate. If you’re not boating during this season, you’re really missing out. Here are just a few perks of boating during the fall that may have this time of year become your favorite time on the water!

Less Crowds

By fall, kids are back in school and life tends to get busier, which means boats start disappearing from the water. This makes for a much more peaceful boating experience during the autumn. Fuel dock lines are shorter, the launch ramp isn’t packed, and even the most popular sandbars and anchorages are free from other people. This is also a great time for beginning boaters to get familiar with the water. Just make sure the weather and wind conditions are safe.

The Sights

When boating during the fall, you’ll want to bring along your camera and binoculars! Along the Washington, NC waterfront you can enjoy the beautiful sight of brilliant red and orange foliage. And, the way it reflects on the water is breathtaking! Not to mention, the sunsets! You may also see migratory birds heading to the south for the winter. If you’re a nature lover, trust us, you’ll fall in love with fall boating.


If you’re an avid angler, you already know that fall is the finest fishing season. According to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission fishing for striped bass is generally the best in fall, winter and spring.

Shorter Downtime

Talk about a great excuse to keep on boating into the fall! Even though you’ll winterize your boat, flush the engines and change the oil before it gets too cold, the less time your boat’s engines, batteries and electrical components lie dormant, the better! Think about it as way to protect your investment AND have even more fun on the water.

We hope you take advantage of fall boating in Washington, NC. Just make sure you do it safely. Since the days are shorter, make sure you plan your outing accordingly. Keep in mind too that the water is colder which increases the danger of hypothermia if you fall in. Stay safe, and happy fall boating!